asienne wants YOU!

do you like writing?
are you passionate about asian(american) topics?

we’d love to hear from you!

some writing experience is preferred (examples: personal/school/uni blogging + social media essays) but passion and enthusiasm is very much welcomed! 

feel free to send your pitches in the contact form below or here‘s some possible ideas

+[why is location important?]

please fill out the form if you’re interested in writing about/contributing to any of the pitches mentioned (or your own) and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible😁

BONUS: Digital Editorial Writing internship opportunities are NOW available!
Positions include: (Staff Writer, Graphic Designer, Photographer + custom-made for you).
Let us know below if you’re interested.
This digital writing internship includes:
bylines with your name on the articles
–writing portfolio clip(s)/article(s) builders
–recommendation letter at the end of the term
*three-month minimum commitment (hours negotiable depending on your school/ university’s requirements)
+Please leave the info of your school/university’s internships department supervisor so we can reach out to them about this possible opportunity.

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