“how growing up as an asian kid translator helped my empathy skills”

[previously published submission]  This blog entry originally appeared on Katharine Chan’s blog here on October 11, 2018. | More on Katharine Chan: Chan is a first generation Chinese-Canadian. Her parents were born in Hong Kong and immigrated to Canada in the 1970s. She is a full-time working mother and she also runs a blog called Sum On Sleeve. This is her collaboration with asienne for our Mental Health Awareness Issue.

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talk mental health to me: with margaret wang

Stress management and life transition instagrammer Margaret Wang is a middle school counselor by day who works with at-risk youth who cope with anxiety and depression. A former competitive figure skater, Wang incorporates mindfulness, self-compassion, guided imagery, and goal-setting in her wellness and mental de-stressing exercises posts on her instagram page found here. This is asienne’s interview with Wang as she shares her own personal story on tackling mental health.

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ms. 305, brittany lue-choy talks mental health

Joining the intersectional #BeKind21 conversation is Miami Heat‘s very own, Brittany Lue-Choy.

asienne was fortunate enough to speak with one of the main panelists that is the Miami Heat dancer. Lue-Choy talked about her own experiences as someone with a mixed ethnic background, her message to mixed race kids and what her message is when it comes to mental health awareness in (and out of) the intersections of her racial identities.

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will you join us to #bekind21?

West Hollywood, CA––On Tuesday, August 28, asienne had the privilege of attending Born This Way Foundation‘s #BeKind21 campaign launch at the West Hollywood City Council Chambers. Special guests in attendance include mental wellness advocates (especially for the #woc communities) and actress Monique Coleman (High School Musical) and one of the Miami Heat’s very own dancers, Brittany Lue-Choy. After the one hour discussion panel on kindness and mental … Continue reading will you join us to #bekind21?