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throwback – 9 highlights at the 20th san diego asian film fest

There were Asian food, Asian films, Asian culture and a whole lotta Asian peeps at the 20th San Diego Asian Film Festival. It was overall an interesting experience to have seen films directed by and starring Asian women that are not about or focused on, romance as the endgame but instead, it’s about self: self-discovery, self-love, and self-acceptance. Ever grateful to SDAFF 2019 for sending a strong message to Asian women and Asian American women everywhere for featuring stories of women with their own sense of self independent of another.

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yes, the rumors are true. not all asians are crazy rich. – a PARASITE review

By now, you’ve probably heard of PARASITE because of the multiple standing ovations heard ’round the world. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re probably thinking, ‘Wow, maybe, I should watch this movie. It won a couple of Oscars after all.’ And if you have already seen it, (and you’re Asian) you’re likely thinking, ‘I should definitely watch it again.’ The number one mistake you’ll make coming in to see this the first time is that, you think you’re ready to watch this movie. But the truth is…you. are. not. ready. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Minor spoilers throughout.

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in conversation with writer and director lulu wang

It was only last summer when theaters nationwide were hit with a phenomena #AsianTwitter had famously dubbed as #AsianAugust. With that, came the new era of Asian American cinema with the release of films such as Crazy Rich Asians, Searching and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.

This summer, another film to add to the list is writer and director Lulu Wang‘s second feature and Sundance darling that is The Farewell;  based on a true story and, as its tagline says, based on an actual lie, the film tackles the difficult decision of concealing the grandmother’s impending passing from herself. What happens during this time? How does this family – based on Wang’s own – cope? You’ll have to see the movie this summer to find out.

asienne recently sat down with Lulu Wang to chat about: identity, beginnings, inspirations, her creative vision, The Farewell and what she’s got coming up next.

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