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hello & welcome to asienne (edited summer 2019)

[a few notable portions 
were edited summer 2019 
for clarity...
we are, after all, 
still in beta mode and 
still making corrections. 
still learning. 

thank you very much for your patience 
and support this past year. 
we're happy you're here and
we're happy to be here! – 07/2019]

a [really long] note from asienne’s founder

hello there, how are you? good morning. nice to meet you. have you seen Killing Eve?

so, what’s happened so far? so many things! where do I start? spring? summer? Pride month? social justice on-stage? asian theater? asians winning @ HBO? what else? that’s right. Sandra Oh nabs a Lead Actress Emmy Nomination in the year of our Lord 2k18.

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