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hi there! thanks for stopping by and thank you for your interest in supporting asienne!

asienne magazine currently exists for free and we’d like to keep it that way. however, maintaining it for free, does cost time and money: web-hosting this wordpress site and  instagram marketing are our main expenses.

asienne is currently independently ran and all of its contents are and have been made possible through a collective of voluntary efforts–for now–but with your help, that can change and we can grow and expand.

asienne’s editorial backbone consists of our very hard working contributing writers who have volunteered their time and effort over the past year. in the future, we envision a full-time, paid editorial staff but right now, we’re still in the process of getting started. we are very much grateful to all of our writers who have volunteered their time and contributed their writing and their ideas to mold asienne into what it is today.

our mission: to raise awareness about proper asian women representation in media with news updates on what’s what (new media projects coming out, events they’re representing at and other ventures they’re pursuing among many other things!)

our vision: to reach a global scope of audiences and to inspire and empower asian women of all ages (although our target demographic is asian women ages 12 to 34) to pursue their creative dreams relentlessly no matter what anyone might say because if their fave can do it, so can they!

immediate goals: paid full-time staff, a merchandise line, events and a video channel

it’s a long process, but it’s a start and with your help, this can very much be possible:

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if you’d like to donate even just a dollar (which goes a long way) if you are able to and you would like to support our efforts to raise awareness for more proper representation of asian women in media, donations would be very much appreciated and welcome with the links/usernames/hashtags above.

all proceeds will contribute to maintaining this website and social media marketing efforts to reach a broader audience.

if you love asienne and can’t donate or contribute financially, we completely understand!!

other ways to support include:

  • spreading the word to your friends and family who would benefit from our content
  • sharing one of your favorite links / posts to your social medias

thank you very much for your generosity!


all sponsorship / investment ideas are also welcome!

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