newsletter: a poll

hey guys! thanks so much for wanting to subscribe to asienne updates! unfortunately, due to certain deciding factors, the newsletter has been postponed until a few more issues and to get this successfully up and running, your opinion is much needed and appreciated🙏🏼

the initial idea for asienne was to mainly be an instamag and have an accompanying email newsletter link to a one page monthly magazine/flyer/newsletter hosted at either yumpu or issuu.

at the very bottom of this post was the original landing page for asienne‘s newsletter. (it’s still active) but tiny letter was indeed announced to be merging with mailchimp soon..

so below is a poll–and taking into account costs, style and technicality (P.O. Box costs are also in asienne‘s consideration)–what is your recommendation on where you’d like to see more of asienne hosted based on these platforms mentioned above?

Screenshot 2018-07-19 00.00.49
to tiny letter or to mailchimp, that is the question


header photo by Mattias Diesel