re: contributing [location-based]

asian population as a term is very expansive. there are 4.5 billion (est.) asian-identifying people worldwide.

if you’re based in the united states, asian culture/food and the arts widely varies from so-cal (southern california) to northern california (nor-cal) alone and they’re only hundreds of miles apart….imagine being thousands of miles apart and separated by continents!

asienne is interested in the collective stories from across the states and the globe, that would expand and not limit asian women’s experience in the arena of arts, culture, lifestyle and entertainment.

with that said, your location as a contributing writer adds a connection to the stories that you would possibly be contributing (a personal touch, if you will)

for example, if you live in chicago and you want to feature an asian-american chicagoan influencer, you writing about them would have more insight than someone from, say, new york (and vice versa).
note: influencers include everyone from local artists, authors, comedians (stand-up and screen), medical insta-celebs, fitness buffs, writers, etc.

feel free to let us know

thanks so much for your interest! we look forward to hearing from you 😀


header photo by Jakob Owens