from Tribeca 2021: INDIA SWEETS AND SPICES (with actress deepti gupta)

What makes a good auntie? What makes a feminist in a deeply patriarchal society? Actress Deepti Gupta answers all that and more in this new interview from the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival with her new film INDIA SWEETS AND SPICES.

from #Tribeca2021: Actress Deepti Gupta talks new movie #IndiaSweetsandSpices, Indian culture, feminism, and what makes a good auntie.

👉Tribeca Film Fest (until June 23rd):

Starring: Sophia Ali, Rish Shah, Manisha Koirala, Deepti Gupta


Deepti Gupta @ IMDb:


From Spring 2020’s Never Have I Ever (Netflix), to Fall 2020′ s THE MISEDUCATION OF BINDU, to this year’s INDIA SWEETS AND SPICES, the young Indian American woman’s coming of age narrative has undeniably brought in a wave of varying perspectives to the forefront; some sad, some funny, most of them intricately informative, and all of which are incredibly moving.

Sophia Ali “Alia” (middle) has the attention of both Rish Shah “Varun” (left) and Ved Sapru “Rahul” (right) at a party in her suburban New Jersey home in a scene from INDIA SWEETS AND SPICES.

📸Credit: Screen grab from film
Photos courtesy of SK Global Entertainment

INDIA SWEETS AND SPICES is a film about a young college student’s (played by Sophia Ali’s Alia) homecoming to – not only her hometown but her parents’ past – especially her mother’s. A number of family revelations (and more!) are soon unearthed, hilarity ensues, and despite the drama, it’s still very much a heartwarming coming of age comedy.

The film tackles some difficult subjects that are culturally related (ex: feminism – tied with activism and its consequences – in a deeply patriarchal society) in an informative and empowering way; so much so that you’d wish the (feminist) aunties had a movie or show of their own.

However, while it works well as a film, some plot points do feel a bit rushed and it would have been really cool to stream this as a mini series. With that in mind, the characters do grow on you and you can’t help but ponder in anticipation of what’s next for them. / INDIA SWEETS AND SPICES is now streaming on the Tribeca Film Festival website until June 23rd (

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