up close and personal with the stars of Kung Fu

The stars of The CW’s Kung Fu talk growing up Asian, chasing their acting dreams, Asian representation, fun on-set stories, and their new roles in their CW show.

Two years since our last chat, what’s new with Kheng Hua Tan?
Watch to find out.

👉HERE is asienne’s interview with Kheng Hua Tan in 2018. Above is the new interview where we catch up with her.

Check out Kheng Hua Tan online: IMDb | instagram | twitter

👆Part I of Kung Fu’s Yvonne Chapman interview and Part II is below👇

Click the layout thumbnails to read the full interview or click here to view the full article in HQ

Check out Yvonne Chapman online: IMDb | instagram | twitter

Kung Fu airs Wednesdays on the CW and has officially been renewed for season 2.

All photos and video clips courtesy: The CW

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