redefining the modern day asian american woman

You know how you’ve seen laugh-out-loud comedies with independent women, braving the world on their own, having their own careers and love lives – à la Broad City and Fleabag – pushing the envelope in every way possible…and yet, the Asian American woman point-of-view is still missing? Ever get frustrated about the lack of representation in those genres? Well, now, here are two NYC-based comedies that challenges almost every stereotype we’ve known to be as an “Asian American woman”.

Sideways Smile is a brand new comedy created by and starring an Asian American woman *gasp*😱 This laugh-out-loud hilarious brain-child of writer/director Hang Nguyen talks about all the things Asian women have long been told – culturally (by both society and family) to not talk about. Sideways challenges that. Premiering on online film festivals everywhere, Sideways features five episodes you can now stream.

👉you know you wanna know more. get tickets @…

Official Website:

Instagram: @sidewayssmileseries


Queens is a new comedy featuring three friends from three different Asian American backgrounds (struggling) and thriving with everything adulting related tingz in the borough of Queens, NY. the who: Cindy Chu, Spring Inés, and Carolina Do. the when: summer 2020. the where: YouTube and Amazon Prime.

Official web:

watch the episodes now:

also available with your Amazon Prime subscription: https//…

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