film fest spotlight: a filipino fisherman’s layered dilemma

For this portion of Filipino American History Month, we’re featuring Fil-Am director Eileen Cabiling and her directorial debut short film making rounds in the Los Angeles and New York City film festivals circuits this month. Here is asienne film reporter, Edrianne Wood with the scoop as she dissects the new short film, BASURERO on a one-on-one Q and A with director Eileen Cabiling.

click the video above to watch Edrianne’s interview with director Eileen Cabiling

BASURERO Film references this Al Jazeera report from 2017. (Source: BASURERO film’s official website and About page found here)

this new short film bravely tackles the most controversial topic of the day in modern-day Philippines | (image courtesy: BASURERO film)

To view the full interview, click the video above or click here.

And if you’d like to follow while watching, here are Edrianne’s main talking points:

a behind-the-scenes look at director Eileen Cabiling with BASURERO leading man, Jericho Rosales | (image courtesy: BASURERO film)
  • First, this film was so incredibly loaded. It had cultural messages, socioeconomic implications, emotional depth, and the struggle of a man who was both compassionate yet cynical, persistent yet desperate all at the same time willing to carry the love and purity required of being a father while fighting the demons that surrounded and inhabited in his world. What a mission for a story, yet you were able to carry it out in less than 20 minutes. Where was your headspace when you were writing this, what were you imagining and how were you able to put pen to paper?

official BASURERO poster; “Basurero” (Tagalog, noun) loosely translated in English means “trashman” | (image courtesy: BASURERO film)
  • Second, the cinematography was just… it was exactly what this film needed. It was clear and concise against a backdrop of a man who is trying to find clarity and a line between moral values and survival. It was timely in that every question the audience had about the character of Bong was perfectly answered by the camera’s ability to follow the footsteps of our protagonist. It gave a lot of room for the audience to fill in the blank and be on that journey with Bong. How do you narrow down what gets to be a part of the journey for the characters and for the audience?
  • Lastly, why this story for you? Why is this the story you want to have as your directorial debut? Why is this the story you want to share?

  • Thank you so much for sharing your brilliance with us – this film, the amazing actors you worked with, the team, the talent. Thank you for representing well. If this is your directorial debut, I cannot wait to see what you have up your sleeve.

To view the full interview, click the video above or click here.

BASURERO is Filipino-American director, Eileen Cabiling‘s debut film. She also wrote and produced the 17-minute short.

Starring: Jericho Rosales as Bong

Languages: Tagalog (English subtitles)

Official Web | IMDb | Facebook | instagram

BASURERO is now playing in film festival circuits internationally and nationwide (mainly LA Asian Pacific Film Fest and Asian American International Film Fest in NYC).

To view the full interview, click the video above or click here.

Edrianne, known by her family and friends as Bea (Beh-yah), is the ultimate Holy Spirit-chasing, cinema-theatre fanatic, dame traveler, food-enthusiast, and a regular ocean and mountain goer. She’s proud to carry Filipino blood under her skin, an American flag on her back and the Texas flag in her hand. Bea considers being a third culture kid an honor, which was never an easy thing; but now sees it to be a specific skills set for relating to people from different walks of life. Currently in her 20’s, Bea has lived in 4 different countries and is currently stationed in South Korea.

Bea’s socials:

Instagram: @edrianne_wood | Facebook: Edrianne Wood

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