chatting with the cast of The Half of It

We’re on lockdown, they’re on lockdown, everyone’s on lockdown. asienne recently chatted with the cast of Netflix’s The Half of It😭 Watch more below to see Leah Lewis (Ellie Chu), Alexxis Lemire (Aster), and Daniel Diemer (Paul) talk lockdown binge-watching, what it’s like working with director Alice Wu, and the film’s message that they hope it conveys to audiences. BONUS: a spotlight on Leah Lewis.

#lockdowndiaries: binge-watching edition

part one: which TV shows are they binge-watching these days?

SPOTLIGHT: Leah Lewis talks #SHEroes

can you guess who they are? 😱

a brief hang out with the 🍍🦉🐛cast

parts two and three: all about Alice Wu and THE HALF OF IT‘s message

video chat courtesy: NETFLIX 🙏🏼💕


A Q+A with Director Alice Wu coming next week!

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