getting to know your new man-crushes

Hey asienne fam, how’s month two of lockdown going? If you’re someone who’s gone through every selection of everything you could possibly watch across all platforms: YouTube, Prime, Netflix, Hulu and wherever else, then you’ve probs come across Freeform and Hulu’s Motherland: Fort Salem.  And guess what? asienne has not one, but both *gasp* of its newest man-crush worthy stars! Tony Giroux (Adil) and Kai Bradbury (Gerit) answer asienne’s questions on lockdown! uWu

PART ONE: getting cozy with tony giroux

[tony’s IMDb | insta]

😍tony giroux (adil on motherland fort salem) talks of his asian culture, keanu reeves, shares how he’s been keeping busy creatively, what movies he’s been watching, talks a lot of heart, his love of dancing (and dancing for rihanna) and travel✨

PART TWO: getting to know kai bradbury

[kai’s IMDb | insta]

😍kai bradbury (gerit on motherland fort salem) talks about his multicultural asian background, all his favorite foods, what it’s like working with george takei, his favorite musicals and his love of travel + a BONUS✨

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we got a couple more coming up. so stay tuned! and stay safe! xo

WHO do YOU want to see next?

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