throwback – 3 main highlights at the san diego international film fest 2019

What’s a real-life superhero, a parasite and two sets of couples got in common? The 2020 film fest circuit is currently underway but here are some highlights you may have missed with a throwback from October 2019’s San Diego International Film Festival.


#InCaseYouMissedIt at SDIFF 2019


photo credits: (c) asienne



waiting for Superwoman


Superman is a woman and her name is Mamu.

A modern-day hero. A warrior. One woman saving local children from the troubled lives they didn’t choose but were born into. Winner of the 2012 CNN’s Hero of The Year and 2016’s Super Hero award: Pushpa Basnet is Mamu.

Directed by Thomas Morgan (SOUFRA), the documentary isn’t trying to be sleek or stylish. It’s gritty and it’s raw. Set in Kathmandu, we get to see how life is like for the various children in Mamu’s care at her Butterfly House. The film heavily focuses on the great sense of loss from the heartbreaking harrowing realities that these children – as young as infants – face. It’s a powerful must-watch that fuels you to take action in making difference as the children all talk about how being found by Mamu gave them the purpose to push through their lives.

Links: IMDb | Official Website




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photo credit: Babysplitters Move LLC

Jeff and Sarah are one couple. So are Taylor and Ben.

Jeff doesn’t want a baby. Sarah does.

Taylor doesn’t want a baby. Ben does.

What to do?

Split a baby.

A whole human baby.

50-50. Like their weekly double date checks.

After all, it means less expenses for one couple and more love for one kid.

It seems innocent enough. Right?

There are a couple of twists enough to craft a pretzel but Danny Pudi and Emily Chang‘s (who play Jeff and Sarah) performances pack on the comedic punch.

In this socio-political climate – let alone economy – can you blame their reasoning? Considering the main characters are late Gen Xers and early millennials, they pose a seemingly practical question for an absurd outcome, but does everything turn out as planned?

Links: IMDb | Official Website





not all Asians are crazy rich

It almost feels blasphemous to write a review about PARASITE. It seems a true public disservice in doing so. I didn’t watch a single trailer going in the first time. Guess what?

Neither should you.

Do yourself a favor.

Seriously. Stop reading now.

If you haven’t seen it. Just go watch it.

No trailers. No research.

Thank me (and maybe, The Academy) later.

But if you’re brave enough to be spoiled see the full review here.

Links: IMDb link




Which of these movies have you seen? Which are you looking forward to seeing?

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