constance wu on crazy rich hustling and her secret talent nobody knows about

asienne recently sat down with HUSTLERS lead star, Constance Wu at one of the early LA screenings of the film. In this Q and A, we talked about: what it’s like to strip with Miss Jenny from the Block, what makes HUSTLERS different from Crazy Rich, oh…and her hidden talent that no one knows about?…can you guess what it is? Read on below to find out. Here is on-site reporter Justine Saldaña with the scoop:


JS: So, first of all, the movie – I loved it!

CW: Oh good!

[photo courtesy: STX]

JS: I mean, just watching the reactions from the audience as well, it was pretty clear that we all enjoyed this movie very much and it was entertaining from beginning to end. And it was very funny too! It was funny in parts we didn’t expect it to be!

CW: (Laughs)

JS: Also! You look amazing! You look amazing right now and in the movie!

CW: Awww, thanks!

JS: Especially in those dance scenes. What were the workout regimens that you did to prepare for that?

CW: Well, I don’t want to be one of those annoying people that says ‘I didn’t work out much’. I mean I’ve always been a long-distance runner. Running for me is the same as brushing my teeth. It’s just something that I always do. There were about two weeks where I hired a personal trainer and I thought, ‘Yeah I’m going to try and get ripped abs like Jen!‘ –

JS: (Laughs)

CW: (laughs) but then I quickly tired of it! I thought, ‘well, I’m doing so many things now‘… I was shooting my show, getting ready for the movie and I had to pick and choose what was the most important for me…and the emotional life of the character was more important to me than how I looked. So, I didn’t spend that much focus on it. Mitchell (Travers), the costume designer really helped me.

JLo’s Ramona teaches Destiny how to work a pole [photo courtesy: STX].

JS: Well, you look great!

CW: Thank you!

JS: How would you describe your experience working on HUSTLERS compared to working with Crazy Rich?

CW: Oh, wow! I thought you were going to say ‘Compared to any other movie’ –

JS: You had two such different personas.

CW: Well, Crazy Rich Asians was really fun because we’re all [Asian] – a big difference between the two was that Crazy Rich was shot in Asia. That was just different in terms of atmosphere and crew and everything.

The best thing about shooting HUSTLERS was that it was all women and because it was all women instead of  – people say that women seem like they may be competitive but they’re not.

Anybody would be competitive if you think there’s only one space at the table but instead, in HUSTLERS we owned the table. Because of that, we were really cheering for each other.


*cue* Cardi’s “Money” [photo courtesy: STX]

JS: It was a positive environment, right?

CW: Yeah, it was! And to have Lorene, it was just a really peaceful and very freeing environment because we could just be whatever types of women we wanted to be because we were all so different.

JS: I’m glad to hear that! What was the first thing that your agent said to you that really sold it to you that made you say ‘Oh, I want to be in this!

CW: I actually had to sell it to them. It’s not that they didn’t want me to do it, it’s just I had a ton of other options. 

But I read this script and I talked to Lorene and just the arc and the journey of this character, I said “I know exactly what I need to do with this. I feel this girl’s heart. I have to do this movie. Lorene’s the right director for it. We need a movie that humanizes women who previously have not been humanized they’ve just been thought of as objects or as their professions.

And I love that this movie does that. And I said this is the one that I want to do. Hands down. More than the other stuff.

JS: Especially about that industry just to shine a light on ‘Hey this is what it’s actually like and this is how we are feeling and we want you to know that.’

CW: Yeah!

Girl Power: Ramona (Lopez) and Destiny (Wu) form a strong bond which the film highlights and focuses on [photo courtesy: STX].

JS: Could you describe and elaborate a little bit more on Ramona and Destiny’s relationship? It was sort of like a big sister and little sister dynamic.

CW: Yeah, it was definitely a family kind of dynamic. I think sometimes, it’s a sisterhood. Sometimes it’s a maternal thing. Destiny’s mother abandoned her when she was little. So, in a sense, Destiny’s always been looking for a female role model and somebody just to take care of her and Ramona really does that and Destiny really admires Ramona for everything she’s made of her life and the person she is. So, getting to be friends with somebody like that, I think was like Destiny’s dream come true.

JS: Yeah! And there was that quote she says, I believe it’s “Motherhood –

JS and CW: “– is a mental illness”. Yeah.

Lead star Constance Wu plays Destiny who dances to make a living for her grandmother and her own daughter [photo courtesy: STX].

JS: It took me a while at first but I want to know what did that mean for you?

CW: I think what it means is that – I mean I don’t have a kid so I obviously can’t speak from experience but what I was thinking it meant is that: once you have a kid, you’re not living your life for yourself anymore. You’re living your life to help somebody else; to make sure that they have the best life possible and because of that you make decisions that compromise yourself in order to protect your kids. That’s what she means by [that line]. The decisions aren’t just about you anymore and to somebody else, they might seem crazy because somebody else doesn’t care about your kid as much as you care about your [own] kid but it’s really all just love is what she means.

JS: I think that was really emphasized with showing Destiny and her daughter, you know? She compromised so much just for her daughter to have a good life even if at the end, she was putting herself at risk.

CW: She had to lose the best thing that ever happened to her friendship with Ramona. She had to kind of lose that to take care of her kid. But I think most mothers, you’ll do anything for your kid, right?

JS: Yeah, sometimes you put your emotions before logic, I would say.

CW: For sure, yeah!

JS: What was your favorite part of the movie and who did you like working with the most?

CW: My favorite part of the movie? Oh gosh! That’s so hard because there were a lot of really fun scenesI liked the pole-dancing lesson with Ramona when she’s teaching me and we’re both in sports bras. That was really fun! And a lot of the scenes where we were…taking care of the naked guy.

JS: (Laughs)

CW: Those were really fun!

JS: Your husband (laughs).

CW: My husband, right?! (Laughs) Those were really fun and there was just such a roller coaster of emotions! Those were fun to shoot.

Wu and Lopez create a hustlin’ crew in HUSTLERS [photo courtesy: STX].

JS: That scene! That was so funny! I was looking around at the audience because I was cringing!

CW: (Laughs loudly)

JS: Is he gonna die? What’s gonna happen?

CW: Did you see his penis?

JS: I saw it for a split second and thought, ‘Yup. That’s a penis.

JS and CW: It was there!

CW: Kudos to that guy! He’s a naked stunt guy. He was such a professional.

A Family…A Family With Money! (Left to right: Lili Reinhart, Jennifer Lopez, Keke Palmer and Constance Wu in a promotional still for HUSTLERS) [photo courtesy: STX].

But my favorite person to work with  – You know who was really fun to work with? Keke. She was just a barrel of laughs! She’s so full of life. Everything she said – the entire crew was just cracking up because she was so funny!

JS: I could definitely feel that her energy resonates in real life as well.

CW: She’s so funny!!

JS: I actually saw her in the elevator…

CW: Oh yeah?

JS: …But I didn’t say ‘Hi’ ‘cuz I was very nervous.

CW:  Oh, Don’t be!

JS: But I could tell, her energy was just radiant.

CW: She is just fun!

JS: I definitely loved your character that you were just trying to make a living for yourself and for your daughter.

CW: At the beginning of the movie, Destiny’s really lonely. She just wants to make friends. so that’s a big deal for her.

JS: Lastly, we want to know: What is your dream role? You can answer this however you like: Which writer, which director, which actor do you want to work with and why?

CW: I really have a big dream of going back to the theater because I started acting in the theater and I really loved doing classic. I really want to play Hermione in Winter’s Tale by Shakespeare. I really want to play Yelena in Uncle Vanya by Chekov. A lot of the classics. Onstage!

JS: You should go for it!

CW: Oh! And I really want to do a musical! My dream role is to play Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors. That’s my next thing is I really want to do a Broadway musical!

JS: That’s completely different from HUSTLERS and Crazy Rich.

CW: Yeah, totally! I love to sing and people don’t know that!

JS: Yeah, no, I didn’t know that! I was kind of surprised!

CW: See? (laughs)

JS: Our audience… I don’t know if they know this or not…

CW: Nobody knows this! That’s why I’m all ‘singing’s my favorite thing!‘ I would be so happy to be in a musical just to get to sing, you know?


HUSTLERS is now playing nationwide.



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