LACC: cosplay and consent with tas al-ghul (video)

One of the team leads and panelists of Care2Cosplay is Tas Al-Ghul. In this short video interview, she speaks with asienne about consent in the cosplay community and the challenges faced by women of color and queer women of color in particular when it comes to fetishization and objectification (view: video below).

October 28, 2018, Los Angeles Convention Center: Cultivating Consent Culture in the Cosplay Community panel presented by Care2Cosplay‘s very own Michelle LaBelle (sex educator), Tas Al-Ghul (performance artist, conflict resolution specialist, mental healthcare practitioner) and C2C founder, The Lady Kaylah (excerpt from the official Fan Guru app).

📸 for more photos of the Care2Cosplay’s panel from LA Comic Con, please click here

More photos will be uploaded soon.


For more on Tas, check out her instagram.


Here is a summary of some of the topics that the panel talked about (also found via their instagram page):


📸 @care2cosplay


📸 @care2cosplay



The original video runtime was 2:24  to its now 2:16.
It was also edited for coloring due to some technical issues with video camera reflection and lighting.


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