asienne’s got the crazy rich scoop on your fave Aunties! and Mama Chu!

hello asiennes!

welcome to the crazy rich archive with scoops from your aunties Alix and Felicity 😲 aaaaaaand your ever-insightful mama Chu, herself!

these three talented beauties are asienne‘s ultimate WCW and inspirasians this month!

feel free to click the images below [or the links of their names in the photo captions] to read the full Q+A interviews ❤



Selena Tan is Auntie Alix!

Auntie Alix says she’s got a private investigator to get the info on Rachel Chu! but did you know that #irl, the actress Selena Tan used to be a lawyer!😱

click here to read more!



Kheng Hua is (Rachel Chu’s mother) Kerry Chu

Actress Kheng Hua has really got Mama Chu down to a T. on top of that, she shares the story of how she turned her life around at 30 when she quit her corporate job to pursue acting full-time! 😱 aaaaaand she’s just getting started, you guys!

click here to get inspired!



Janice Koh is Auntie Felicity

aaaaaaaand asienne can assure you, she’s definitely wayyy less intimidating than Auntie Felicity…😅

click here to read about her Singaporean adventures with the cast!


who’d you like to hang out with?

how about all 3 of them boss babes?🙋🏻‍♀️


📸header image: Warner Bros.

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