crazy rich essays: a Chinese POV

dear asiennes,

we’re very fortunate enough to have writer Maggie Wang contribute her perspective in this month’s issue with her very personal essay (divided into two parts) regarding her Asian, American, Asian-American, and third culture kid experiences.

her thoughts on Crazy Rich Asians allowed her to connect it with her own intersectionally-lived Asian experience(s) and it is as heartfelt and poignant as the movie, itself.

feel free to give it a read and comment on the respective pages with links below 🤓

& if you’d like to submit your own review / commentary / thoughts on Crazy Rich, click here! ❤


cra-review copy.jpg


Crazy Privileged Asians: A Chinese Perspective

cra-commentary copy.jpg


Stewarding Crazy Privileges



📸header image: Warner Bros.

More on Maggie Wang:


Margaret (Maggie) Wang is currently based in DC as a pharmacist and floral events designer.  She is a traveling sentimentalist and passionate about- culture, diversity, fashion, art, and advocating the Asian American platform.  Follow her adventures on instagram @margaretrenawang and design work here-


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