#asianaugust: part one–an editorial note

hello hello, asiennes!

[cue 🎶Thunder🎶 by Imagine Dragons]

we made it through #asianaugust! what a great time to be alive aaaaand be Asian!

I never thought this day would come *sobs* 😩😭 if you’re someone like me who’s tried to hide her Asianness, raise your hand🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

I SO wish we had all of these 12, 13 years ago! but I am tremendously happy for the young tweens whose identities get to be seen, heard and VALIDATED!

representation is SO important! SO SO important!

and I cannot stress that enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so, first I wanted to say:

asiennes, you are seen. you are valueable.

always remember that.

[I’m still learning that. it’s been a very emotional month of embracing my heritage, my nose, my body, my natural hair color, my native tongue–––anyone else feel the same?🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️]

on the magazine side of things:

everything, literally everything happened (and more) in august, so now…. the august issue would be a three-parter+ maybe a four-parter making it an august/september issue!😲

crazy rich asians broke the box office for two weeks straight & counting. what a feel-good movie with a heavy socio-political-economical message!😜

(plus what a lit soundtrack, am I right?)



without further ado,

here is part one of

asienne‘s #asianaugust issue:


we got the crazy rich scoop on your aunties Alix and Felicity aaaaand mama Chu!

three detailed Q+As about their acting origins, their Crazy Rich characters (possible) dream roles, and upcoming projects coming up!

click here to read more!


Maggie Wang’s essays from a Chinese/Chinese-American perspective is SO so important.

as a Filipino editor, I know the impact of CRA (Crazy Rich Asians) is different for. every. single. Asian. woman. out there. there’s NO singular Asian experience. there might be a universal same-ness but only surface level. the diaspora and every intersection out there that exists with the asian identity is SO intricate that I knew I needed to reach out to a Chinese writer to get that Chinese-American perspective.

guess what?!

fortunately, Maggie found asienne first and really, tbh, we found each other at literally the same time! so yay!!!! THANK YOU, Maggie! 🙌🏼 grateful for your time and your story!

if you want to share your story with us like Maggie did, click here! we’d love to hear from YOU! ❤

soooo….just in case you missed it

here was the first issue:

 this article is on fire!!!!

thank you for reading and sharing ❤

check out asian story theater! (+ photos)

meet this super cool director: Maritte Go

+ 2018’s HBO APA film winners!

& lastly: love is love. always. love is stronger #pride (ICYMI)


here’s everything #asianaugust in a nutshell:

asienne went to a filipino-american event aaaand it of course had great food! no question there!

sandra oh has a secret crush *gasp* can you guess who it is?😜 sayitsvillanellesayitsvillanellesayits–

to all the boys I’ve loved before is now a major netflix hit and the source of countless memes which are all cute and romantic *sobs* [cue 🎶I Like Me Better🎶 by Lauv]

searching came out on wide-release yesterday (8/31)

who’s watching this weekend?

there’s also: darkest minds, the meg ….

what else am I missing?

oh! random fact: gemma chan and katie mcgrath were once (on-screen) girlfriends, you guys! *faints*

+ the 25th year reunion of The Joy Luck Club happened!

+ there’s literally two Mulans out…coming SOON!

& hayley kiyoko won a moon person! and continues to be unstoppable in her year, 20gayteen!

+ ocean’s 8 is now on DVD! which makes all of us wish we’re part of debbie ocean’s team🤪

& as if we spoke it to existance–

kelly marie tran is BAaaaaaaCK, nerds! racist fanboys to the left. bye. #wemissedyouKELLY!

what else did asienne miss?

let us know! we’d love to hear from YOU! ❤

oh and…

if you’re looking for the newsletter….

asienne did take a break for a bit

[see embedded post below]

that’s why there’s been a bit of a delay with the #asianaugust issue but we gettin there, you guys!

Anna ❤

❤ ❤ ❤

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many, many thanks!

❤ ❤ ❤

P.S. I super promise this insta post below looks a MILLION TIMES better on the insta app than desktop because this just looks like word vomit on desktop. HA!

P.P.S. if any of the links are broken, please let me know. thank you ❤

hours awake: 16 and counting…good night


header photo by Reuben Juarez

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