hello & welcome to asienne (edited summer 2019)

[a few notable portions 
were edited summer 2019 
for clarity...
we are, after all, 
still in beta mode and 
still making corrections. 
still learning. 

thank you very much for your patience 
and support this past year. 
we're happy you're here and
we're happy to be here! – 07/2019]

a [really long] note from asienne’s founder

hello there, how are you? good morning. nice to meet you. have you seen Killing Eve?

so, what’s happened so far? so many things! where do I start? spring? summer? Pride month? social justice on-stage? asian theater? asians winning @ HBO? what else? that’s right. Sandra Oh nabs a Lead Actress Emmy Nomination in the year of our Lord 2k18.

Screenshot 2018-07-12 22.18.32

as you can see from all the featured stories above and the others published before it, the theme for this month’s july/august issue is HUMBLE BEGINNINGS [*mic drop*]

oh and uh it’s currently half past one in the morning and I’m listening to If I Dare by Sara Bareilles (and I’m about to play it non-stop until I finish editing this)

edited  edit by asienne | instagram @asienne.mag

yes ok so let’s get to it!

thanks so much for joining asienne on this journey of proper representation for women on-screen and general media.


it’s 2018 it’s been high time.

now…about asienne

this part has been EDITED for clarity–summer 2019:

🙋🏻‍♀️who’s who:

  • anna (me👋🏼): founder and editor in chief 😀 [more on me later below]
  • a network of writers, creatives, collaborators and tech people who have volunteered their time to ensure our 2018–2019 run was great
  • who else? personally, my friends daisy, ella, alice just to name a few main voices of reason during the whole process – while asienne establishes itself and grows as a platform; basically all the major behind the scenes work, they’ve helped with
  • some who have also contributed their editorial chops and op-eds
  • special shout out to our resident movie reviewer: cher
  • and to margaret for sharing her experiences with #representAsian as a Chinese-Am woman during #AsianAugust
  • my cousin and my sister who’s helped with graphics and aesthetic ideas
  • various local creatives I’m in collaboration with
👀so….what exactly is asienne:
There will be a much more formal way to promote this properly but this was the initial definition I’ve found for it (which definitely has room for growth, responsibility and accountability):
click HERE to view this page


so, of course, high school French-level speaking me decided to research and dig more into it:
click HERE to view this page


…so it’s originally an adjective that standalone as a one-word description-turned-title
click HERE to view this page


^ and this is where the name origins came from ^
click HERE to view this page

this also answers The Why:

I was looking for a one word descriptor for Asian women that wasn’t a stereotype, or a slur……this stemmed from years of watching my black women friends having Ebony and Essence as an outlet, my Latina friends totally owning their heritage with LATINA and mitú….and then of course, there’s  VOGUE, ELLE, ALLURE and all that (which I never really identified with) and I thought….wait a minute, in terms of names…why not a french word? it’ll shorten everything up and it’ll be like an ode to my too few years of high school french. I was like YES! [insert Edna Mode GIF here]

my main inspiration for this is:

my bebe cousin

who is nine years of age and she’s doing her own YouTube videos. I got to thinking when I first heard about Khloee’s page, I thought–as the iconic Mindy Kaling once said why the f*ck not me? really and truly, it was my cousin Khloee’s courage to pursue what she loves on her own is what you should credit being the main reason you get to read this today. did I even write this in English? [edited: 3:53 am, 7/31/18]

the logo: please help me decide and choose something more permanent-looking


short term: interviews, interviews and coverage of The Events.

long term: to go to print collectively with boss Asian women as cover girls

[I have a prototype from two years ago and two months ago because #progress, I’ll probably post that too soon-ish]

the content–dream and GOAL interview and cover girl(s):

+ Ms. Sandra Miju Oh herself, hello???

+ Awkwafina

+ Constance Wu

+ Hayley Kiyoko

+ Kelly Marie Tran

and omg many more but those are my main 5


a timeline

  • 2013: I did my first research paper in college about Asian women rep in media
  • 2016: “HUE” was my working title for an entrepreneurial journalism class
  • 2018: actual prototype was formed before all T H I S and renamed/rebranded to asienne

for two years, I thought no one would want to hear it, I was discouraged with the representation on-screen until this year because hello EVE POLASTRI and just the past couple of months honestly, the energy was electric, I knew I had to get it online now. it’s that now or never with this kind of thing.


me? in between so-cal metropolitans


by myself but only for the first issue this is bigger than me y’all #buildingateam

about me

this is presently only a volunteer effort. it’s my passion project. my baby. I’m not getting paid for this. it’s a full time job on top of writing for my local newspaper and other book writing projects.

I wake up, I post a thing [most days, I try hard not to miss but it happens], before I go to bed, I post a thing.

I’m not kidding when I say I live and breathe this right now

I wasn’t ready to take on this responsibility two years ago because I didn’t have the dedication….because I wasn’t inspired….but rather discouraged.

so when it comes to writing for passion’s sake, [sometimes, passion’s not enough, y’all–like for example, it’s 3:45 am PST and I haven’t slept in a month] so believe me when I say I understand, as a writer myself who’s had to previously write for any perk but pay…and that’s why when it comes to writers–writing submissions are welcome! but I also want to propose a solution

ko-fi.com (which is Pay Pal directed)

it’s a cute way for a tip and a thank you without being like, hey you, pay me turning off your reader/audience, you know? it’s more like “hey reader, liked my article? fancy buying me a cuppa to keep me going? thanks, mate!”

when you write for asienne, I want to make sure YOU have a personal ko-fi set up as one of the very first steps. this will appear at the end of your articles. I personally can’t pay you right now in this very moment, [sponsorship kickstarter thingymajig is still underway] but this is how I want to help. I have my own button here like this: Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

ok so it’s almost 4 am and I think I’m gonna write a thread about this on Twitter.

see ya tomorrow on Insta. Most likely.


header photo by Eutah Mizushima

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