spring 2018 updates

from Hayley Kiyoko’s new album to your new guilty pleasure that is Killing Eve: here’s what happened in the world of music, TV and web-series this Spring–

the highlights


MUSIC: Hayley Kiyoko recently released a new album called “Expectations” in the era she’s notoriously dubbed as #20gayteen.

Main bops such as “Feelings”, “Curious”, & “Sleepover” included. screenshots-kiyoko2screenshotz-kiyoko

Unfortunately, girlfriends are sold separately. Sorry ladies.


Screenshot 2018-07-12 23.26.59

WEB SERIES: As of June 4, 2018, Kiyoko also has a new series on Facebook Watch called Five Points alongside Madison Pettis.

Screenshot 2018-07-12 23.55.20.png

WEB SERIES: Another win for Asian women in a web series this past Spring is YouTube’s very own Anna Akana starring in her own YouTube Red’s dramedy series, Youth and Consequences.

killingeveTV: BBC America’s Killing Eve starring Korean-Canadian actress (+asienne patron saint) Sandra Oh and British actress Jodie Comer was undeniably one of the hottest things shows on cable this past Spring. Hot like, 411–hot as in #trending. But that too.

The word-of-mouth was so fast by the time this sentence is finished writing, Sandra Oh’s already been nominated her well-deserved Emmy for Lead Actress!

So what’s the show about? It’s a cat and mouse espionage thriller with sapphic vibes between a psychopathic assassin and the only woman…she’ll listen to (but really). The finale’s final scene is already on YouTube’s top searches if you just type in”Killing Eve”–but if you still haven’t seen the full show and would like to do so–do tread carefully.

Are you upset?” [📸BBC America]

Please. Go. Watch. Now. While. You. Still. Can. You won’t regret it! (#notsponsored just highly recommended!)

EDIT: It’s now gone from the BBC app..(wow they weren’t kidding eh?) fortunately, YouTube has it for a price, so there’s always that.


What’s been your favorite Kiyoko song so far? Did you get a chance to binge-watch Killing Eve?

Sound off in the comments below😁

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