somewhere in the middle with deborah francisco douglas

In continuing our mini-series of creative profiles from the first part of the June 2019 issue, here’s another Fil-Am author making waves with the power of her words. In this e-mail interview, asienne spoke with San Diego-based author, Deborah Francisco Douglas about her Filipino-American identity and her new book, Somewhere in the Middle. This is the second of two creative profiles for the Asian writer’s series specifically for APAHM

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defining the fil-am identity with lauren lola

To close out Asian Pacific American Heritage Month – in a last but certainly not the least feature for this month – asienne spoke with Bay Area-based “super” writer Lauren Lola; super as in she not only writes books, she also writes blogs, articles, plays and screenplays! This is the first of two creative profiles for the Asian writer’s series specifically for APAHM.

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the many shades of the asian experience

It’s almost Pride month asienne! What better way to celebrate than with The Gaysian Project? Earlier this year, asienne spoke with the gaysian project’s founder about: its origins, it’s mission and vision to defy the multi-layered stereotypes of being gay and asian, and the complexity and intersectionality of “Asian” identities and its definitions.

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asienne’s got the crazy rich scoop on your fave Aunties! and Mama Chu!

hello asiennes!

welcome to the crazy rich archive with scoops from your aunties Alix and Felicity 😲 aaaaaaand your ever-insightful mama Chu, herself!

these three talented beauties are asienne‘s ultimate WCW and inspirasians this month!

feel free to click the images below [or the links of their names in the photo captions] to read the full Q+A interviews ❤

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hello & welcome to asienne (edited summer 2019)

[a few notable portions 
were edited summer 2019 
for clarity...
we are, after all, 
still in beta mode and 
still making corrections. 
still learning. 

thank you very much for your patience 
and support this past year. 
we're happy you're here and
we're happy to be here! – 07/2019]

a [really long] note from asienne’s founder

hello there, how are you? good morning. nice to meet you. have you seen Killing Eve?

so, what’s happened so far? so many things! where do I start? spring? summer? Pride month? social justice on-stage? asian theater? asians winning @ HBO? what else? that’s right. Sandra Oh nabs a Lead Actress Emmy Nomination in the year of our Lord 2k18.

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